Aug 30, 2017

With legions of fans across the globe, Real Madrid is not only one of the most revered sports franchises in the world, it is also one of the most successful football clubs to ever compete. As such, access to the team beyond the pitch during the 90 minutes of play is a tough endeavor. Fans’ access to their favorite club is limited to the games they watch on stadium seats, pub stools and living room furniture. Until now.

Thanks to a dedicated and nimble GoPro Original Productions team and unprecedented access granted by Real Madrid, viewers are being given a never-before-seen perspective behind the scenes and up close with their beloved club.

From the glory found on the pitch to the punishing daily training regimens, GoPro Original Productions captures the most immersive look at the world-famous club throughout eight episodes on the Hala Madrid Facebook channel over the next six weeks. 

GoPro is so proud to be able to help capture this new angle of Real Madrid for their fans, and thankful for the access provided by the club. And thanks to the Facebook platform, this incredible series is easily available to a huge audience wherever they may be.

The first two episodes are NOW LIVE. Watch them now on Facebook, and stay tuned for six additional episodes in the following weeks.

Episode 1: Training Day (or watch above)
Episode 2: A City and its Soul

¡Hala Madrid!