Feb 3, 2017

U.S. National Paragliding and World Cup champion Nick Greece was the first American paraglider to visit Iran when he arrived in October of 2015 on a two-week sporting visa. WIth his GoPro cameras capturing, he embarked on a road trip with an Iranian paragliding pilot and fellow World Cup champion to the best paragliding spots in the country including locations in Tehran, Shiraz and Yazd. As you can see from the video, he lived out a once-in-lifetime eperience.

He told us using GoPro was "critical" to the documentation of his trip. He noted, “If I’d had a giant news camera I would have been banned from filming in many of the locations.”
The compact size of GoPro allowed him to move about and record far more freely than if he’d been using more cumbersome filming equipment. He says he was welcomed with open arms into the country and met so many friendly, open individuals. Because of his sport visa–and his plans to travel with a fellow Iranian–he was allowed to visit the country without a “minder” or government-provided guide, so he feels he was granted an unprecedented amount of access to the country. 
Amazing access, beautiful places and welcoming people always makes for incredible memories, and we are stoked to get to relive some of it through Nick's video content.