Oct 4, 2018

Mammoth, Deer Valley, Steamboat, Winter Park … these are a few of the 14 epic destination that make up the Alterra Mountain Company. While we like to think we can cover every square inch of every Alterra location this winter, that’s just unrealistic (but we’ll keep you posted if anyone should try).

This is why we’ve partnered up to be the official camera company of the Alterra Mountain Company. We are making GoPro more accessible than ever at these locations, so we can see everything Alterra has to offer through the lens of a GoPro.

While we’re stoked to announce this partnership heading into winter, don’t fear, we’ll be there all year! This is a four-season partnership, so grab skis, boards, bikes, hiking shoes and all the toys to explore, experience and share.

“Some of the most amazing outdoor content we’ve seen has come from Alterra destinations,” explains GoPro CMO Todd Ballard. “This partnership is a natural and obvious fit for GoPro, and we’re excited to see what content is created in the coming months.”

Fourteen destinations, two companies, endless content. To explore all that GoPro and Alterra have to offer, check out their multi-resort Ikon Pass.

Be sure to tag @GoPro and the respective Alterra destination when sharing this season—it’s gonna be a good one!