Oct 24, 2017

On Sept. 28, GoPro launched the new flagship HERO6 Black camera. And with every great launch, we do our best to deliver an equally mind-blowing launch video. This year, GoPro had the honor of working with longtime friends and GoPro artists, ODESZA, to get exclusive rights to duo’s newest release, “A Moment Apart,” for our HERO6 launch video.

“A Moment Apart” delivers the perfect cadence of anticipation-building backtracks and heavy-hitting beat drops to fuel the fast-paced video. Every time the GoPro shot changes, the song remains in lockstep; the two were pretty much made for each other.

And it gets better. The collab was so well received, that GoPro and ODESZA decided to keep the love going. ODESZA granted rights to GoPro’s QuikStories editing feature to allow users to feature “A Moment Apart” in their own QuikStories for the month following launch.

If you’d like to use it, simply pair your GoPro HERO6 (or HERO5) to the GoPro App and start shooting your adventure (and make sure to fire up your QuikStory feature if the auto-generate mode is not on by pulling down on the GoPro App home screen). Once generated, toggle to the music section of the Quik App and select “A Moment Apart” from the HERO6 Black music category.

Beyond offering a killer new song choice, HERO6 users will also notice an improved QuikStories experience thanks to the camera’s customized GP1 chip. The GP1 chip is GoPro’s new System on Chip (SoC) that greatly improves scene analysis using motion sensor data, scene characteristics such as white balance, dynamic range, exposure, and audio, as well as advanced features like face detection.

So fire up those QuikStories and harness the power of “A Moment Apart,” the song is only available for a limited time. After more than 25 successful music-GoPro video collabs, we’re stoked to see ODESZA climbing the electronic music charts. Check out the full “A Moment Apart” album here.