Apr 18, 2017

Three best friends, a love for animals and passion for traveling collectively make up the philosophy behind National Geographic Wild’s newest series Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade.

The series follows host and resident animal expert Filipe and his crew/two best friends McKenzie Barney and Brian Moghari, who make up Comfort Theory filmmaking, as they navigate their ambulance-turned-mobile studio across the U.S. The goal: to immerse themselves in wildlife and capture incredible shots (and good times) across Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana and New Mexico. 

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From hanging with hawks to cruising with crocodiles, the trio—led by the incredibly charismatic Fil—is determined to use Untamed as a platform to inspire people to travel more and experience nature.

“The goal of the show is to not only share how hard we work at capturing these wildlife behaviors, but more importantly how soul enrichening this experience can be and how being out there, immersed in wildlife and immersed in these naturally landscapes, you really find what’s important in life,” Fil says. “I guarantee you that if you find time to be immersed in wildlife, you will fall in love with it.”    

In the most recent episode, Fil uses his GoPro HERO5 to capture what it’s like to be face-to-face with the South Florida’s largest predator—the alligator. Fil says the attached the GoPro to a pole they were using to help secure the animal while filming. The resulting footage is unlike anything he’d seen before. Because who in their right mind gets that close to an alligator?

Getting these insane POV shots are exactly why Fil and the crew turned to GoPro to help with filming.

“We wanted a camera that allowed us to capture something in the moment,” Fil explains. “We didn’t want to have to relive or recreate it. That’s why we turned to GoPro. We just set it up and let it roll.”

A series of 10 Untamed episodes will air on Nat Geo Wild’s YouTube channel through May 9. Follow @Filipe_DeAndrade for behind-the-scenes Untamed goodies daily.