Jul 7, 2017

A few years ago, a friend passed a YouTube parkour video to Abudi Alsagoff that struck a nerve. For as long as he could remember, he was drawn to climbing anything in front of him, and when he saw this discipline laid out on the screen, he knew he had to learn to freerun.

Born in Selangor, Malaysia, Abudi now resides in Kuala Lumpur, but freerunning has taken him across the globe and connected him with other athletes, including GoPro athlete Jason Paul.

"Jason is an amazing friend and I look up to him as my mentor; someone I can ask for advice. We first met in person when Jason shot his Red Bull video project in Malacca, Malaysia. And we have always kept in touch after that," says Abudi of his colleague. 

Beyond their obvious connection in freerunning, both have also found GoPro to be an essential tool for content creation and training.
“I use my GoPro when I'm go out training, and I take it along on all of my adventures. Whether it's riding my bike or going on rooftops. GoPro's versatility has made it easy for me to bring it to all the places I go.” 

Back in April, Abudi linked up with fellow GoPro content creator Kyle “te Kiwi” Mulinder in Auckland, New Zealand, where they put the GoPro Karma system to good use. Primarily shooting in 1080p60, the duo utilized the Karma Grip for all of the handheld angles, sent the drone up for some establishing shots, and used a Headstrap for some POV. Check out the edit Kyle put together below.