Mar 20, 2017

Longtime GoPro athlete Lakey Peterson watched much of the 2016 Womens Championship Tour from the sand, out with an injury. Fired up, healthy and determined to chase down her first championship, Lakey showed up to the 2017 season opener at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast of Australia with her eyes on the prize. In nearly every heat, Lakey clicked off 10-point and near-10 scores, putting her in the finals against the dominant Stephanie Gilmore. Unfortunately, Peterson just didn't get the waves she needed, and Gilmore just edged her out for the overall. But, it is clear that Lakey has found her groove, and she has successfully started the season with crucial points heading into the next stop at Margaret River in Western Australia. 

Fellow GoPro'er Johanne Defay (above) also scored big at Snapper finishing third alongside Sally Fitzgibbons. Johanne surfed well throughout the event, but when she met Lakey in the Semis, she just didn't get off to the start she wanted, and never really got the waves she needed to overtake Lakey's near-10 scores. Even so, she leaves Snapper with momentum, and is looking to improve on her performance in Western Australia. 

Congrats Lakey and Johanne! It was a blast watching you guys crush it at Snapper!.

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