Aug 22, 2017

The wheelman Ken Block is back with a new video to get the adrenaline pumping and the heartrate skyrocketing. In association with Pennzoil Synthetics, Block took his rally prowess to the infamous motocross freeride destination in Caineville, Utah, for a new Gymkhana-style edit in the dirt. 

To get those immersive, creatively angled, and in-cockpit shots, the Hoonigan Media team employed their kit of GoPros, of course. Thanks to the car-mounted angles, the viewer is brought closer into the incredible action, and the killer direction and editing come together for yet another insane Block-backed production that is sure to break the internet machine. Check it out for yourself above.

Offical video description:
The ultimate playground demands ultimate performance.
At 4,300ft of elevation with an ambient temperature of 102° F, it took complete protection and top engine performance to push Ken Block’s 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 to the limit in Swing Arm City, UT.
Watch Terrakhana powered by Pennzoil synthetics.