Oct 2, 2017

Crowds lines up outside the iconic La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, Calif., on Sunday for the screening of yet another surf film. The stage has played host to some real legends in the industry from Laird Hamilton to Kelly Slater. But this time was more than just a surf gathering. This was the west coast premiere of Paradigm Lost; a film by all-around waterman Kai Lenny and director Johnny Decesare that celebrates so much more than traditional surf.

Kai is a legend in his own time for bringing SUP, kiting, and windsurfing to the mainstream. It’s insane to think a 24-year-old, Maui boy who charges Jaws just as hard as he crosses the Molokai to Oahu channel (which he set a then-world record in 2016 at 4:07) still had to prove himself in the lineup at Pipe. But as Jamie O’Brien, Kala Alexander and Dusty Payne—just a few of the local legends who make appearances in the film—reiterate, no matter how hard SUP-kiting-windsurfing athletes shred, they are still seen as losers to some extent. Well, not any more. 

Paradigm Lost delivered inane footage of Kai being the legend he is. From winning the Big Wave contest in Puerto Escondido earlier this year to sharing party waves with his family, Kai is out in true form in the must-see film. Trust us, there is no lull. Congrats on an amazing production to Kai, Johnny, Poor Boy Productions and Red Bull Media House! Pre-order the film here.