Aug 17, 2016

GoPro launches a dedicated website to highlight products and services designed specifically for professional content creators 

As television and original programming audiences have evolved, so has the need for both live and original content to be as immersive and multi-dimensional as possible. As a result, professional production teams require new tools to capture and present this dynamic content, and GoPro is a leader in developing these tools. 

To better serve these professional customers, GoPro is excited to launch a new web resource for broadcasters, producers, and systems integrators, called Advanced Systems. Specifically designed to serve the needs of GoPro’s professional customers, the Advanced Systems products cover professionals focused on adding new perspectives into live broadcast and those exploring 360°/VR content creation.

GoPro’s advanced systems serves a range of professional customers:

  • VIRTUAL REALITY PROFESSIONALS— Pairing high quality capture with a seamless post-production workflow, GoPro’s VR suite includes capture devices (Omni and Odyssey), software solutions by GoPro’s Kolor team, and a publishing platform (GoPro VR)
  • LIVE BROADCASTERS— Allowing broadcasters to incorporate the unique GoPro perspective into their broadcast, HEROCast provides wireless live video transmission at a stunning 1080i/60fps resolution using industry-standard H.264 encoding
  • PROFESSIONAL PRODUCERS & SYSTEMS INTEGRATORS— Working to meet producers’ needs by integrating GoPro into completely new products and form factors, the Custom Solutions team can place camera technology just about anywhere