Mar 8, 2018

Here at GoPro, we don't need a reason to celebrate women. Our family of athletes, advocates, award-winners, followers, fans and customers is full of females with a story to tell, and we make it our mission to share those stories around the globe, all the time. But today is no regular day, people! TODAY is International Women's Day, a worldwide initiative that puts a megaphone into the hands of every female, everywhere, and encourages them to shout a little louder.

In recognition of IWD, GoPro honors the women that push the boundaries, lead the pack and pick themselves up when they fall. We lift our hands up for those that are charging fearlessly into the future, whether in an office or out in the field. From the downhill powerhouse Rachel Atherton to wave-hungry Coco Ho, concrete crusher Leticia Bufoni to Olympic Gold medalists Jamie Anderson and Hilary Knight, and all the Wonder Woman-aspiring girls in between, these are the people–women, specifically–who inspire us.

So please, take a minute to sit back and enjoy our video tribute to IWD and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like raise the bar, rise above it, and then raise it again. It's not all glamour, but it is 100% bada$$ girls.