Jun 26, 2018

Ever seen someone do sit-ups while juggling a soccer ball? Or land a perfect swish with a soccer ball from half court only using their legs? If the answer is “no,” look no further than Indi Cowie.

Soccer has always been second nature for Indi. She says she basically grew up having a soccer ball with her at all times. Before school she’d freestlye, and after school, she’d go to soccer practice. The sport was her everything. But when Indi was playing college ball, on track to go pro, she blew out her ACL, MCL and meniscus.

“It shattered my world,” she recalls. “Everything I had been doing all day I wasn’t able to do anymore.”

It was time for some difficult decisions to be made—she needed to choose between a professional career and a professional freestyle career or pursue both and “wreck her body.” She chose freestyling.

Freestyle soccer is an artform. It’s captivating. The way Indi and fellow freestylers meld mind blowing ball control with entertaining acrobatics. It’s a skill set that’s appreciated on pitches and street corners around the world equally.

Indi’s choice has paid off tenfold in the past 10 years. She’s sponsored by Nike, GoPro, AT&T and a number of other notable companies, both athletic and lifestyle. The 23-year-old trains, travels and throws tricks like it’s her job—because, well, it is her job—and it’s off to an amazing start. She’s competed in Red Bull Street Style Championships, performed for packed arenas during halftime, and even held two Guinness World Records.

Check out this 100 percent GoPro-shot edit of Indi Cowie getting real about life and soccer up until now.

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