May 12, 2013

At the age of six Jeb Corliss was catching rattlesnakes. At age 16 he was diving with sharks. And at age 21 he was base-jumping off of cliffs.

In China, on September 24th Jeb Corliss, professional BASE jumper, skydiver and wingsuit flyer, jumped out of a helicopter and flew through a horizontally slanted cave that cut through a mountainside. He had about two thirds of a mile of flying time before he is able to pull open his parachute and land safely to the ground. Check out the exclusive GoPro video of Jeb Corliss and read more of the interview

GoPro talked with Corliss just before he set out to embark on this thrilling, possibly death defying adventure that he had been planning and training for the last two and half years.This had never been done before – and Corliss was grinning at the opportunity.

GoPro: When and how did you first hook up with GoPro?

A few years ago, I was introduced to GoPro through a friend and learned about the HD HERO and I knew I could use them especially to help with my licensing business. When I received the first units, I couldn’t believe how small they were. And when I started jumping with them, I didn’t even notice they were on me; I couldn’t feel them because they weigh almost nothing. Soon, I started jumping with eight HD HERO cameras on me to capture multiple angles. This is impressive because I can cover everything without affecting my flight. I have also jumped with four 3D units attached.

GoPro: What is your favorite way to mount the camera – what’s your favorite angle to watch?

My favorite angle to watch is from the front mount – the one facing back. I can see my face and shadows, which allows me to gauge how close I get to things. It’s so unique. But for training purposes, the most important mount is the back angle showing my rig, wings, flight and deployments.

GoPro: If you could create one unique customized mount, what would it be?

Ha, I’ve been customizing my own mounts for a while. But I think some sort of ankle mount would be really cool.

GoPro: What other activities do you enjoy using the GoPro for?

I want to start using the HD HERO for diving. I’ve been filming sharks since I was 16 and want to start capturing my adventures underwater with GoPro – especially in 3D. I’d love to capture tiger sharks eating my cameras in 3D!

GoPro: Has GoPro helped further your career in any way?

I’m super happy with what GoPro has been doing. I wouldn’t have been able to capture the footage I’ve captured over the last two years if it weren’t for the GoPro HERO. I also wouldn’t have learned as much as I have, my skill level has catapulted and this is largely due to how I use the HD HEROs for my training. I combine the HD HEROs with GPS and get the ultimate package to help me accomplish my goals.

GoPro: What do you feel after you’ve seen footage of yourself? Do you ever use it to improve future performance?

One hundred percent! That’s exactly what I use it for. The most important thing GoPro has done for me is training because you mostly learn from seeing what you’re doing. In the beginning I filmed to learn, not to sell footage. Nothing teaches you better than seeing yourself doing what you’re doing. That’s why I jump with so many cameras in so many positions – to learn from. My back camera is the most important camera for me because it shows me my wings – what my arms and legs are doing, it shows my exits, it shows how long it takes me to get flying in full flight – all of these things are super important. After every single jump I do, I look at all of the footage to debrief myself so I can learn and get better at my craft. I never used to like jumping with cameras because they were so heavy and bulky and was worried that they would hurt me. When the GoPro came into existence, especially HD – I said, “ooh I can use that!”

GoPro: What is your next desired destination/goal?

After China, I will be going to Africa to BASE jump off of brand new walls and cliffs. Then I’ll be heading to J-Bay for some surfing. And will definitely be diving with great white sharks because they’re cute. Europe is also on the list, as I want to start practicing touching things as I fly over them, like snow covered tree tips. But my lifetime goal is to be able to glide to the ground without a parachute. Ultimately, my plan is to travel around the world and have fun.

GoPro: What other GoPro videos or examples of other sports or activitieshas really interested you?

That great white shark video of Chuck Patterson on the SUP board. That’s crazy because that shark was hunting him and he knew it. It’s incredible to me because I know how great whites function – he is crazy! There isn’t any amount of money you could pay me to do what he did. No way – ain’t gonna happen!I also loved that video of those guys that sent the HD HERO to space last summer. That was awesome!

GoPro has opened up angles you could never capture before and to be able to show the actual perspective of the person doing an activity has allowed the viewer to feel immersed in that activity. GoPro has become a staple, I don’t go anywhere without them now. It’s become part of everything I work on; it’s an industry standard.