May 10, 2013

GoPro HD: Jamie Sterling Big Wave World Champion 2011 – a glimpse into the exciting life of big wave surfer, Jamie Sterling.

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Jamie Sterling, 2010/11 Big Wave World Champion, was built to master the art of big wave surfing. He’s spent the last 15 years searching, scoring and conquering some of the gnarliest swells on the planet. Through all of this, Sterling has been able to capture mind-blowing GoPro footage from all of his crazy adventures. We were able to catch up with Sterling on the phone while he was in Rhode Island playing guest star of the week at Paddle Surf Rhode Island – a surf camp for kids.

GoPro: When and how did you first hook up with GoPro?

I first met the GoPro team about four years ago down in Puerto [Mexico], when they had just the standard definition HERO out. I saw what the camera could do and jumped at the opportunity to use it – I’ve been using them ever since.

GoPro: You were one of the first people to test out our HD Camera, whatwas your feeling after seeing the HD footage for the first time?

It’s amazing how GoPro kept the HD HERO so sleek, small and light while improving the quality. The upgraded technology and imagery is illustrated through the blue barrels. The HD HERO really brings out the true essence of imagery… It’s so neat to be able to share everything with the general public.

GoPro: What is your favorite way to mount the camera – what’s your favorite angle to watch?

All the angles are cool…I like the nose mount on my board – it’s the easiest, most practical way to capture footage. The tail mount is also great, but a little harder to get that shot. I also love angles from the helmet – especially mounted on the side to capture the sight of looking down the line of the wave peaking.

GoPro: If you could create one unique customized mount, what would it be?

I’d like to create a mount that would be positioned on my shoulder, pointing out of the tube, showing my face, chest and a little of the nose of the board while looking out at the tube.

GoPro: What other activities do you enjoy using the GoPro for?

When I’m not in the water, I enjoy playing Polo. I like mounting the HD HERO on my helmet and also like the chest mount. I love capturing the simple things too, like hanging out with family. It’s my everyday camera; I take it everywhere I go. It’s always amazing to capture memories for myself. I don’t always have camera crews with me, so it’s been a great tool to always have in my bag of tricks. To be able to share triumphs by capturing them in a contest or free surfing has allowed me to trade shots with professional photographers. They love getting that epic angle and I’m the only one that can get “that shot” in the barrel. It’s a win, win. It’s neat to be able to show people more interesting angles in addition to the land perspective – it’s nice to spice it up with the athlete’s point of view.

GoPro: Has GoPro helped further your career in any way?

Yes, it’s definitely given me more coverage and media exposure. It’s captured some of my highlight career moments – and they’ll be saved forever, from my perspective. I’ve been able to freelance my work to discovery channel, agencies and stock photo places. It’s a great combo to be able to have a surfing career and a photography calling.

GoPro: What do you feel after you’ve seen footage of yourself? Do you ever use it to improve future performance?

I learn from it. I get to find out why that turn felt so good or how I was positioned on that sweet spot of the board. The nose mount looks at my feet and tells me where I was. I’m able to capture my body language and learn from it. It helps with the techy nitty gritty side of things.