Oct 9, 2018

October … the unofficial start of awards season for Hollywood’s finest. With A Star is Born—Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut—hitting theaters last Friday, and First Man – Damien Chazelle’s much-anticipated follow-up to La La Land premiering this week, the hits will be rolling in until the end of the year. Not ones to be left out of the fun, we dropped three hits of our own at the end of September with the all-new HERO7 lineup of cameras.

While we think HyperSmooth is worthy of an Oscar, there’s still no category for “Super Rad, Mega Smooth, No-Shake, Gimbal-Like Cinematography Tech” at the Academy Awards. Fortunately for us, there is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) Visual Innovation Awards. And unlike the Oscars, we don’t have to wait until February to win one. And what better way to start off awards season than with a win that recognizes our expert engineering team for the incredible work they’ve done?

We are stoked to announce that GoPro has been honored with a 2018 IEEE ICIP Visual Innovation Award for its achievement in producing products with lasting impacts on the visual image processing space. From the first GoPro film camera in 2004, to the introduction of HD in 2009 and game-changing HyperSmooth in 2018, we are proud to see the evolution of GoPro, and those folks behind the technological advancements, being recognized.

Chief Technology Officer Sandor Barna was on the ground to accept the award on behalf of GoPro and assure everyone that we are excited to keep pushing the boundaries of image processing, starting with HERO7 Black’s HyperSmooth and TimeWarp technologies. Thank you to the ICIP Innovation Program committee for recognizing the tremendous efforts our teams have made in the digital imaging space.