Oct 25, 2018

We've scoured nearly 12,000 YouTube and Instagram posts to find our very favorite HERO7 Black reviews. So instead of us telling you how great the new GoPro is, we're going to let the reviewers do the talking.

And if you think these guys are fired up, you should see what some of their followers have to say. The comments on these videos are just as good as the reviews themselves—we’ve even called out a few of our favorites below.

“I don’t say ‘wow’ too often, but reviewing this guy, there’s not much I can criticize really. ... This is the GoPro to go for now. 100% worth the upgrade.”

– Matti Haapoja

“Just based off the fact that the audio is better, the hyperlapse and time lapse modes are awesome, the HyperSmooth stuff now works with 4K60 and 24p. [HERO7 Black] just works so well with those updated settings and everything I just listed, it's definitely, definitely worth the upgrade.”

– Peter McKinnon

“Tested the new #HyperSmooth GoPro HERO7 Black today at the Christchurch Adventure Park. ... It is pretty unreal how smooth the footage actually is.”

– LRNZ Media

“This has killed gimbals. I’m off script because of how excited I am about this. … I think the GoPro HERO7 Black might be legitimately the perfect action camera.” 

– The Everyday Dad

“If you are someone—either professional or amateur—who loves taking action footage, does a lot of travel videos, or even if you’re a vlogger that uses this as your main camera … you definitely have to upgrade. [HERO7 Black] will fit into your arsenal perfectly.”    

– Erwan Heussaff (@erwan)