Nov 13, 2018

Never go full send alone again. HERO7 Black’s live streaming capabilities are now enabled for YouTube, so family, friends and followers can experience every turn, takeoff, tumble and victory in real time.

Previously, an RTMP URL was needed to go live on YouTube, but with this update, HERO7 Black streams directly to the platform. This allows users to tap into the YouTube Live Dashboard for chat interactions as they happen and follow the flow as the experience unfolds.

We like to think of it as the Real World: GoPro Live Edition—a time to share unscripted moments and behind-the-scenes adventures. This is especially beneficial for vloggers to automatically share entirely new perspectives with their followers that can only be captured on a GoPro. The YouTube live stream is archived on a YouTube page like any other video, no post-production required.    

To add more ease to the live streaming process, a new “health meter” (pictured above) shows the strength of a live stream, so you can anticipate the jump from the entry-resolution of 480p to a 720p stream. There is an option to save a high-res 1080p on the camera’s SD Card, too.

Today’s update also delivers faster media downloads and QuikStories speeds to make social sharing even more of a breeze—one more plus for all those followers!

These updates are available on iOS today via the App Store and will launch on Android next month.

Learn how to go live here. HERO7 Black live streams directly to Facebook and YouTube, and by using an RTMP URL, you can also live stream to Twitch, Vimeo and the Chinese platforms HUYA, Douyu, BILIBILI and INKE.