Oct 31, 2018

GoPro is scary-good at capturing all kinds of Halloween spirits, from flying zombies and plank-walking pirates to spooks that you can hear but not see. First up, we have a GoPro Award winner that transforms an abandoned warehouse into a tour through space, time and long-ago horrors using nothing more than a drone and spooky sound design. Props to GoPro Awards recipient Lukasz Lewenda for his insane pilot skills and for delivering us a perfectly creepy Halloween video.

And while there are plenty of things on the ground to make your skin crawl, GoPro athlete Roberta Mancino takes spooky to new heights with a zombie sky dive, making us wonder if she just handed The Walking Dead writers a new script line (where would you hide if zombies were falling from the sky?!).


And if jumping out of a plane doesn’t scare you, maybe walking off a plank will. Here’s a flash back to another GoPro athlete, Colin Harrington, getting into the spirit, pirate-style. Watch as he takes a 283-foot plunge to the bottom of Davey Jones Locker!

Oh and hey… have you heard about the new pirate halloween movie? It’s rated AARRRRGGH!