Dec 16, 2017

Halldór Helgason absolutely set 2017 a blaze. But to be clear, Halldór has been stoking the fire that is snowboarding since he introduced himself to the world in 2010. With zero contest experience, he showed up to X Games and stomped a perfect score in Big Air to win gold…at 19 years old…with his website URL scrawled across his face with a Sharpie. He went from who? to legend in a matter of moments. 

But this was no flash-in-the-pan moment. Each year since, the ripper from Iceland has been writing his entry into snowboarding lore. From releasing epic videos for free on the web to creating snowboarding brands, Halldór has fully given himself to the sport he loves. His style is unmatched, and his commitment to his craft is undeniable. Halldór Helgason is your favorite snowboarder; and if he isn’t, he is definitely your favorite snowboarder’s favorite snowboarder.

In 2017, Halldór graced the TransWorld SNOWboarding film Arcadia with a face-melting part, which helped him seal Video Part of the Year, a Readers Choice Award, and a nomination for Rider of the Year.

Awards or not, we can all agree Halldór Helgason won snowboarding, and he won 2017.