Mar 8, 2017

In November 2015, GoPro began showcasing our unique, immersive, spherical content on Facebook. To this day, our Tahiti Surf video is still one of the most-viewed spherical videos on the platform. We’re now excited to be one of the few content creators featured at the launch of Facebook’s new Facebook 360 app, which is debuting today for Samsung Gear VR. 

To celebrate this launch, we’re adding several new, exciting pieces to our growing library of VR features on Facebook, which will be available to watch in the new Facebook 360 app. Our recent GoPro VR additions include “Eagle Hunters in Mongolia” (shown below), which is joining several hallmark pieces like “Enter the Maya Underworld,” “Fourth Phase with Travis Rice,” and “The Last of The Rhinos.”

The new Facebook 360 app is an exciting way to experience GoPro’s immersive videos in the headset for optimal viewing, and GoPro is psyched to continue making its content more accessible for viewers all over the world.