May 16, 2013

Global Fanbase is Likely the Most Engaged of any Consumer Brand in the World – Launches “I Love my GoPro” $25,000 Fan Appreciation Contest to Celebrate on the Heels of HD HERO2 New Camera Release.

HALF MOON BAY, CA (November 1, 2011) – Coinciding with the release of GoPro’s new HD HERO2 camera in late October, global stoke for GoPro hit one million strong on Facebook as the one-millionth person Liked GoPro’s Facebook page, a place GoPro fans around the world have made their meeting place to share photos, videos, and stories captured with their GoPro cameras. What is likely to be the most engaged fanbase of any consumer brand in the world on Facebook, GoPro’s followers upload hundreds of original content posts a day to GoPro’s page and the number of fans is growing by 35,000 people a week, on average. The level of engagement serves as testament to the passion of GoPro’s customers; over the course of a week GoPro’s Facebook posts are generating over 50,000 discussions and 27 million views.

“The only problem with our Facebook page is that if you post a photo or a video on our page, 10 minutes later your post has already been pushed off the first page. It’s a nice problem to have and it makes our Facebook page one of the most authentic illustrations of what seems to be a “GoPro Movement” going on, globally,” beams Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO.

Woodman adds, “GoPro is not only on the fastest growing camera company in the world, it’s also got the most passionate, active customers. Our stoked customers are getting out in the world and capturing and sharing their experiences with each other more than even we can believe. They’re creating awesome content and sharing with each other at a massive scale and it’s driving awareness of GoPro in a big way, globally. In this way, it’s our customers who are growing GoPro’s success and we’re so grateful. It drives our passion to develop more advanced cameras and accessories for our customers, like the recently released HD HERO2, and we’re excited to see all the creative ways they will use them.”

To celebrate this one million Facebook fan milestone and show it’s appreciation to its customers, GoPro has launched an “I Love My GoPro” $25,000 fan appreciation contest. Two Grand prizes and two ways to participate:

Grand Prize – Two winners will each receive a $2500 (USD) GoPro Sponsorship* + an “Everything We Make” Prize Package. Runner Up Prize – 18 winners will each receive a an “Everything We Make” Prize Package

*What is a GoPro Sponsorship? It’s a cash prize that we hope will enable or encourage you to get out there and shoot more rad GoPro content because we want to see more from you!

1. Submit a photograph taken with a GoPro camera. We want to see the one-of-a-kind, or once-in-a-lifetime, photos that you could only get using a GoPro camera, the photo that made you realize, “OMG, I love this camera!” Photo must be captioned “I Love My GoPro!” and taken with a GoPro camera. You may submit up to 5 photos total.

2. Submit a photo, scan or PDF of a creative work (drawing, collage, sculpture etc) that demonstrates what is unique, inspiring, and/or awesome about GoPro’s products, fans, or the images they produce. Your creative work must depict a GoPro camera in some way, and be 100% original, created by you. No use of copyrighted materials is permitted. Work must be captioned “I Love My GoPro!” You may submit up to 5 creative entries total.

GoPro fans will vote and choose the top entries to advance to the finalist round. GoPro will select the winners from the finalists. For more details, visit the contest page.

The customer support and word-of-mouth love GoPro is receiving on YouTube is no different. Almost every minute, someone uploads a GoPro video to YouTube. GoPro’s own videos, which it produces itself or in collaboration with its customers, have been viewed over 60 million times, garnering over 100,000 subscribers to the company’s GoPro Channel on YouTube

It is through social media channels like YouTube and Facebook that GoPro regularly discovers customer videos that it re-broadcasts on it’s YouTube GoPro Channel and often turns into TV commercials or other forms of marketing. One such video captured by New Zealand Kayaker and GoPro customer, Ben Brown, is currently airing on national TV in the USA as a GoPro commercial.

Nicholas Woodman concludes, “A big shout out to our customers from all of us at GoPro, we thank you and we love you! We’re just getting started, which makes the future all the more exciting.”