Sep 11, 2013

GoPro Used as a Training Tool to Enhance Team Performance

SAN MATEO, CA (September 6, 2013) – GoPro, maker of the world’s most versatile camera that captures today’s most engaging user-generated content, has signed on as the official camera supplier of ORACLE TEAM USA as they prepare for the upcoming America’s Cup, which begins September 7, 2013. The partnership with the 2010 America’s Cup winners enables the team to utilize GoPro cameras for coaching and training. With seemingly endless camera angles, such as those from the wing and the stern, they can not only highlight the settings of the boat, but also demonstrate the crew’s movement and performance.



 ”GoPro cameras are placed in multiple locations on board the boats to show the team what’s happening during training,” said ORACLE TEAM USA coach Philippe Presti. “For crew work, there are specific angles that allow us to review maneuvers. From a technical perspective, we place cameras where they won’t be obstructed, and we can synchronize all of the visuals with the data and review mechanically how the boat is sailing. All footage we capture from the GoPro cameras is an essential part of our training and preparation for the America’s Cup.”

 Once ORACLE TEAM USA completes a training session, the coaches can immediately bring the GoPro cameras back to the dock to review the footage with the team. Four large monitors demonstrate multiple unique camera angles exhibiting the settings of the boat and the sailor’s maneuvers. These playback sessions allow the crew to coordinate future performance on board. The performance team also utilizes the GoPro footage, cross-referencing it with data received off the boat. The footage is stored in a master database in order to go back and analyze specific moments and settings.

 “We’re excited to partner with such a prestigious sporting team like ORACLE TEAM USA, during an event hosted in our hometown of San Francisco, as it further elevates GoPro’s global awareness. This is a great partnership. ORACLE TEAM USA widely uses GoPro cameras for training purposes, making it that much easier to foster the relationship to the fullest,” said Paul Crandell, Vice President of Marketing for GoPro.

 Above and beyond the training usage, ORACLE TEAM USA’s video production and media team use GoPro content to create YouTube edits, team videos, sponsor commercials, TV highlights, other promotions and b-roll footage for media outlets.

 Recently, the New York Times featured a GoPro pictorial and videos of ORACLE TEAM USA shot by fellow GoPro athlete, Mike Escamilla

 From now until the completion of the America’s Cup, consumers can stop by the Puma Yard at Pier 27 in San Francisco to learn more about GoPro products.

 Be sure to check out all the action of ORACLE TEAM USA competing in the America’s Cup Finals, including exclusive GoPro camera angles and unique on board excitement at and ORACLE TEAM USA.


When ORACLE TEAM USA won the 33rd America’s Cup in February 2010, not only did team owner Larry Ellison succeed in his goal of bringing the America’s Cup “home” to the United States, but also his team became the Defender of the 34th America’s Cup. Led by CEO Russell Coutts and skipper Jimmy Spithill, ORACLE TEAM USA is comprised of the best international sailing, design, build and support talent to defend the trophy on San Francisco Bay in September 2013.