Nov 13, 2018

Got Croatia, Cancun or Chile on the brain? France, Fiji or Frankfurt? Whatever the destination, your research for travel will likely lead you to TripAdvisor—the review website that sources recommendations, reviews, photos and more from fellow travelers to help you plan your perfect getaway. 

And one of the most powerful tools when researching a new destination are images—the pictures and videos that bring a foreign landscape to life and fuel the appetite for adventure. Enter GoPro—the most reliable tool for documenting world travels.

We have joined forces with TripAdvisor for the launch of its new platform, which provides travelers with a ton of new social tools to help them plan their next journey, including the expansion of its community to include brands, publishers and social media influencers. We’ve been cooking up an awesome GoPro profile page behind-the-scenes, stocking our feed full of stunning content that will transport you to whatever destination you’re researching. 

Starting today, travelers (like you!) searching the new TripAdvisor can follow brands (like us!) to enjoy inspiring and helpful photos, videos, trip guides and articles. Upon logging in, your homepage will be transformed into a personalized feed of information based on who you follow. As you search for a specific destination, your travel feed will automatically surface relevant content from the global community.  

Consider this your permission slip to start daydreaming about your next getaway. Click here to check out the GoPro profile and follow us on the new TripAdvisor!