May 7, 2013

GoPro’s HD HERO is fast becoming a key tool for Hollywood to allow them to create new and exciting entertainment that was either too costly or just not possible with traditional camera systems. Disney and Carnegie Mellon are taking it a step further using the world’s most versatile wearable and gear mountable cameras to make movie magic.

TechCrunch reports that Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon have teamed up on a project to take Motion Capture out of the studio and into the outside! Traditionally, motion capture is conducted by placing points on an actor and having cameras set up inside a studio that are pointed towards the actor to capture their movements. From there, the movements are digitized and special effects are added to create amazing action sequences for media such as movies, TV or even video games.

Because of the versatility of the GoPro HD HERO, with its small and lightweight design, the research teams are able to place HD HERO cameras on the actor pointing outward. This allows an actor to go outside, and to do longer and more complex motion capture activities that are not possible inside a studio. The final result: more mind-blowing, big screen moments or heart-pounding immersive video game action, produced at a fraction of the cost.

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