Jul 15, 2017

Artificial intelligence is all the buzz. It dominates headlines and is becoming more and more fundamental to daily life. At MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s annual mobile conference, the biggest names in technology converged at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture to talk about how artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies are changing the game. 

GoPro’s VP of Product Meghan Laffey and VP of Software Engineering Joe Bentley took center stage to discuss exactly how the brand is leveraging the latest AI technology make the process from shoot to share easier and faster than ever before. While GoPro is conventionally known for its small, rugged cameras that capture world-class content, Meghan Laffey, GoPro’s VP of Product, explained to the audience at MobileBeat’s Brand Showcase that you shouldn’t be surprised to see GoPro at a mobile conference.
“We actually don’t view the smartphone as a competitive camera to GoPro at all,” Meghan Laffey explained. “One of our top priorities as a company is to make the smartphone central and complementary to the GoPro experience.”

At GoPro, we recognize that life experiences are more meaningful and satisfying when people reflect on them and share them. We see the importance of remembering life experiences through sharing photos and making scrapbooks, then home movies, and now - the constantly increasing rate that people share their stories on Instagram, Facebook, Snap, etc. Historically, it has been a challenge for GoPro users to go from the excitement of capturing their experience to the playback and enjoyment of a meaningful story, but as Laffey announced to the crowd at MobileBeat, “we have an answer to that problem – and we call it QuikStories.”

So what is QuikStories? The simplest way to think about QuikStories is to, “Think of it like how you’re using Instagram or Snapchat stories–capture a few seconds here, a photo there,” explained Laffey. As you capture content, your GoPro is talking to your phone and seamlessly moving the content over. Then, with just one tap, a QuikStory is created on your phone, where GoPro algorithms have selected moments from your captured content and sycn’d them to music. Making it seamless to go from shoot to share? Now that is an experience and QuikStory to remember.

GoPro always strives to innovate and be creative when it comes to empowering people with the technology to capture moments and share their stories. So just how is AI enabling this? At GoPro we’re using AI to better identify moments that are interesting and important to you.
“Only identifying objects is not in and of itself delightful or helpful when it comes to telling a story,” explained VP of Software Engineering Joe Bentley on the AI Algorithm panel at MobileBeat. “That is why we have to look to other means to identify interesting moments. And that is where metadata comes in.” In order to fully capture our world, it is essential to use data telemetry, audio, and other lightweight processing and marry that with image processing. This technology allows your GoPro to more accurately detect interesting moments like jumps or excited reactions, and powers QuikStories to make a more personalized and interesting story for you to enjoy and share.

The future of AI and image capture is exciting and ever changing and at GoPro we’re stoked to have a front row seat to see how people use QuikStories to shoot, share, and enjoy life’s moments.