Jun 20, 2013

60 Minutes Australia takes a look into the GoPro Revolution—from Founder and CEO Nick Woodman’s Australian surfing trip where he “tinkered” with early ideas for developing the first GoPro camera, to the present, with GoPro now leading the action camera market.

Reporter Liam Bartlett calls the HERO3 launch video “extraordinary,” and takes viewers on a journey through the lens of the most versatile action camera — from a ride in Woodman’s “company car,” to the Afghani battlefields, and even to the hospital, for the delivery of Woodman’s first son. Viewers meet the GoPro Bomb Squad, atop a mountain in Alaska, about to speed-ride—“part skiing, part parachuting, part madness”—down a 5,000 foot cliff. Woodman introduces 60 Minutes to the perfect marketers, GoPro fans themselves, and explains that, around the world, every few minutes a fresh GoPro video is uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.

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