Feb 16, 2017

Good things come to those who wait. Yes, patience is a virtue. But at times, there is even more to say for those who put in the time and consistently perform at the top of their class, craft, game or sport. British Columbia-native, Steve Storey, is the definition of hard work and is now reaping the rewards. 

For the past five months, Storey cleaned house and consistently placed first, second, or third in the monthly GoPro of the World Best Line Contest III, powered by PinkBike. After three years of capturing GoPro content and submitting to this world-renowned mountain bike contest, he edged out hundreds of competitors and claimed the well-deserved $15,000 grand prize!

Storey, a semi-professional MTB rider and skilled trail builder, hand built the trail that he coined, Salsa Verde, in Whistler, Canada. During the construction process, Storey took great care of his natural surrounding, making a conscious effort to protect the environment. Going so far as to replant bushes, foliage and moss to make the line look raw, natural and even more beautiful for it’s on camera debut. He had his eyes on the prize and nothing was going to stand in his way this time around. His craftsmanship and diligence, in combination with his attention to detail, to perfect his line were the secret ingredients needed to capture this incredible GoPro line.

What does Storey plan to do with his winnings, you ask? First up—new camera equipment, including a drone, to capture his upcoming travels and new trail builds. Steve told PinkBike:

"The one thing I can guarantee for this season though is I'll be riding lots and making POV vids anytime I'm inspired. I love how powerful the new GoPro's are. So much can be done with them and I make sure to have it in my truck with me anytime I go riding. You never know what's going to come up. Banger light, an amazing trail, anything could happen really. Always good to be prepared."

Moral of this story … never give up, hard work pays off. Congrats, Steve!