Oct 15, 2013

GoPro would like to congratulate Ryan Sheckler on his Street Style win at Dew Tour's Toyota City Championships this weekend in San Francisco. With a dominating 90-point performance, Shecks sealed the victory for the second year in a row.

The one-of-a-kind course pairs real street-style barriers, rails, and benches with one-off obstacles like shipping containers, cars, and flatbeds, all on a downhill run. Undoubtedly, Sheckler found the setup agreeable and he quickly found his comfort zone. 

After putting together a top-of-the-podium run, Sheckler put a crescendo on the day by stomping a monster kickflip off the shipping container on his victory lap. 

Nice work, Shecks. 

[Above] Apparently, big gap-drops are of little consequence for Sheckler. After securing the win in the comp, Shecks returned to the shipping container for a monster kickflip.