Mar 17, 2017

Our fans have come to associate the incredible GoPro content they see with a unique sound that’s authentic to GoPro’s brand and voice. In 2017, Apple Music invited GoPro to curate and publish playlists for their Apple Music Curators global platform.

Already recognized in the industry as a champion for independent and progressive sounds on its award-winning content, GoPro’s Music Supervision team has a steadfast mission to share music from artists they’re most excited about, along with inviting other personalities and surprise guests to curate playlists. Who better to tap than our incredible roster of athletes, who use music to get them in the right state of mind before a heat, match or event? Today, GoPro launched seven Apple Music playlists from athletes including Tom Wallisch, Gabriel Barbosa and Paul Rabil.

GoPro sits in good company amongst the likes of Fader, Pitchfork, Resident Advisor and Vice, all hand-picked brands selected to create dynamic playlists for Apple Music. It’s an honor to be recognized by one creative community to another and we’re excited to share GoPro’s brand experience with the world through the music that we love.  

Now you have the chance to discover and listen to your favorite songs on repeat connecting to Apple Music with your iPhone, iPad or Mac devices. Be sure to check back weekly for updated songs on the official GoPro Music page as well as sounds from new surprise guests. Listen HERE.