Apr 2, 2014

Historically, technology and adventure sports have existed on divergent planes; one brought man closer to nature, while the other propelled man toward a completely new, synthetic existence. Recently, however, the two have become far less mutually exclusive. Man’s desire to explore the unknown, be it uncharted lands or personal limits, has become the common thread that binds the two together. The advancements of technology stem from the same ambition of man to progress and explore, and now those advancements are perpetuating adventure sport. The continued adoption of tools like GPS, telemetry, and most importantly, image capture devices, exhibits the convergence of adventure and tech and the ultimate progression that it yields.

And while getting lost is harder; capturing reference data is easier; and documenting the adventure in the most immersive perspective possible with a GoPro is a no-brainer; without the necessary conductive power, you’re left packing around useless inanimate boxes.

Enter Goal Zero, a practical technology company harnessing the power of the sun to awaken your devices in the form of rugged, portable solar panels and power storage units. Brands like Goal Zero are helping evolve an ecosystem of technology products that complement one and other and minimize the imprint on the natural ecosystems adventurists visit and celebrate.

Last year, at the 2013 GoPro Mountain Games, Goal Zero showcased its product line’s capabilities by fully powering the GoPro activation tents, as well as its own, a daily bridge lighting display, and the VIP/media center, where staff, VIPs, and members of the media could take a break from the sun and charge up their handheld devices.

At the GoPro activation double dome tents, Goal Zero implemented its solar-thirsting Boulder 30 Solar Panels and its Yeti 1250 Solar Generators to power six 55-inch flat panels screens, multiple laptop computers, and plenty of lighting. Filtering the raw energy of the sun into usable power, Goal Zero offered up as much as 10 kilowatts a day. Four tripod-mounted Boulder panels soaked in rays outside of the tent, feeding energy to the Yeti 1250 units tucked into the corners of the tent, where they distributed power to the multi-media displaying incredible, immersive GoPro content for Games-goers to enjoy and learn more about the HERO line of cameras and accessories.

Beyond bringing thousands of people together into one village to celebrate the outdoors and the adventure it offers, The GoPro Mountain Games also provides a similar confluence of like-minded brands in a consumer-facing arena. The Goal Zero/GoPro partnership is but one example of how the Games showcases a growing family of technology products in their targeted space with the people that would benefit most from their use. 60,000-plus people walked through the village of Vail last June, witnessing firsthand the amazing adventure technology on display and in-use, such as the activation under the GoPro double dome tents.

The parallels of adventure and technology are undeniable. It is the same human desire to explore and test boundaries in the outdoors that fuels the advancements of technology. While one inevitably affects the other, companies like Goal Zero seek to use their technology to limit the impact upon the environment and the footprint we as humans place upon the earth. As technology continues to evolve, it is conceivable that we can positively redirect environmental effect, so we can continue to explore and celebrate the world we live. Thankfully, we have events like the GoPro Mountain Games to perpetuate collaboration amongst companies and further the progression of industry just as athletes push the boundaries of progression in their respective sports. 

For more information about the GoPro Mountain Games, please visit: www.MountainGames.com

The 2014 GoPro Mountain Games takes over Vail, Colorado, June 5th-8th, 2014. Register HERE

To learn more about Goal Zero, check out their website and their blog.