His work speaks for itself, as does his resume. Working with the likes of DC Shoes, ESPN, Crailtap, NFL Films and, of course, GoPro, Chris Ray has established himself as the man everyone wants behind the lens, whether it is to capture skateboarding, football, music videos, or anything else for that matter.

Within the skateboarding community, Ray is a legend. He’s a skater’s filmer, but also a consummate professional. In recent years, he has adopted GoPro into his program, and frequently experiments with new shots. Recently, while shooting with Carlos Iqui, Ray set up his HERO5 Black with a Karma Grip to get a bit of a new perspective of the roll-in to the shot. Check it out below.

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Filmer: Chris Ray
Skater: Carlos Iqui

HERO5 Black
Karma Grip
El Grande extension pole 

Resolution: 1080p
Frame Rate: 60fps
FOV: SuperView