Apr 19, 2017

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Two members of the GoPro fam are gearing up to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Juan-Peter Schulze (A.K.A. JP) and Louis Cole are planning to circumnavigate he world to celebrate global diversity—mainly by visiting all walks of life, across the globe, and they’re making 22 stops on the journey with various friends, family and acquaintances along varying legs. A.K.A. JP and Louis, both experienced pilots, plan to film every stop of the way and create one, beautifully crafted featured titled “Beyond Borders.”

To learn more, visit www.flybeyondborders.com.

Check out our Q&A with JP below, and be sure to follow he and Louis on social @funforlouis and @the_candourist.


GoPro: What do you hope to inspire with Beyond Borders?

JP: Empathy. It’s single handedly one of the most important qualities every human needs. And the best way to gain true empathy is to travel and to envelop yourself in different cultures, mingle with people that live a life different to yours. If we can inspire a handful of people to travel and explore, and in that process have them appreciate humanity as a whole, then we’ve succeeded. 


GoPro: Twenty-two stops is a lot! How did you pick them?

JP: Purely based on the range of the aircraft, it’s also not a fixed route. Weather and our own desires will ultimately decide what route we take. We’d love to visit countries normally not on the tourist list, more planning for that will be required though. 


GoPro: What are you most excited about?

JP: Sharing the adventure with as many people as possible, not only through our videos and the film, but to have as many people on board as possible. Maybe teach some a little flying, and perhaps even inspire some to become pilots. 


GoPro: What are you most nervous about

JP: Weather. The tropical convergent zones (along the equator) are incredibly unpredictable and inherently dangerous. Encountering dangerous weather that could lead to severe icing or destructive turbulence is a genuine concern. Luckily, with modern technology, weather forecasts are impressively accurate, so with proper pre-flight planning it should all be smooth sailing, or flying, or whatever it is we’re doing. 


GoPro: how did you pick the people who will be joining you along the way?

JP: People that are easy to be with, are fun and have a hint of responsibility. Flying of this nature is inherently dangerous, and having well behaved people on board makes for a safer trip. Basically if you’re a legend of a human being, you’re welcome.    

GoPro: Why are you using GoPro to help tell this story?

JP: There is simply nothing more versatile on the market. I love the seamless integration with all the accessories, and the app becomes especially useful while filming in flight, as I’m able to toggle various externally mounted cameras remotely. The image quality is unmatched for such a small form factor and is perfect for what we’re doing.


GoPro: When did you first learn about GoPro

JP: While still living in my home country, Namibia, I was flying all sorts of different aircraft and dreamt of getting an external view in-flight. It seemed impossible until a friend recommended I try out a GoPro. And I’ve never looked back. 


GoPro: Is there a nonprofit on your route that you feel GoPro will tell its story exceptionally well?

JP: Plenty, I don’t want to name any specific ones with the fear of limiting our efforts. But contributing to the rhino saving efforts in Africa would be a great one, and doing something to bring awareness towards depression would be another. Water.org strikes a chord too.


GoPro: When and where do you hope to show the final film?

JP: February/March 2018. And we hope to distribute it globally.