Aug 24, 2017

GoPro met up with up-and-coming Mexican pop singer-songwriter Caloncho recently to get the scoop on his new album, Bálsamo. Today, we are stoked to share an edit that captures the essence of the album, and it’s first song, also titled “Bálsamo.”

Translated directly, Bálsamo means balm, but Caloncho explains it much more eloquently. He says the title reflects music’s the ability to “make space in our mind and make us feel good.” Music, he says, makes people happy.

When we visited Caloncho, we immediately saw what he meant. We were met with his friends, family and fellow musicians, full of smiles, enjoying Caloncho’s tropical folk/indie-inspired musical stylings throughout San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico. This is reflected in the Bálsamo video. His daughter even makes a few cameos playing with a killer pink, waterproof ukulele.

The two-time Latin Grammy nominee and two-time IMAS Award recipient has performed in 11 countries to date, and he is only two years into his music career. Caloncho says he never really saw himself as a musician—his family didn’t even know he sang, let alone wrote songs, until his first album, titled “Fruit,” started coming together. Now, he is entertaining collaborations with well-known Latin American artists.

He’s also pretty darn good with a GoPro! Throughout the filming, he and his friends kept finding new, fun places to mount HERO5 Sessions. And by the end, he was flying Karma himself.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing indie tropical folk that is Caloncho. Check out the full Bálsamo album, which dropped on Aug. 11, here.