Sep 15, 2017

Above photo credit: Peter King

GoPro athlete Filipe Toledo is on fire! The Brazilian favorite landed his 19th CT win at the Hurley Pro at Trestles on Friday. Our heads are still spinning from his showing at the infamous Southern California break.

Quick snaps, aggressive bottom turns, and perfectly timed aerials consistently landed Filipe with 7.5-plus waves throughout the comp, and his mastery of turning mid-sized waves into standout rides helped him beat out No.2-ranked John John Florence in the semis. Going into the finals, Filipe was pitted against No. 1-ranked Jordy Smith in an all-to-familiar story following his win at the Corona Open J-Bay in July.

Content Floater

Filipe channeled the aggressive surfing and smart wave selections that secured that win to again edge out Jordy for another WSL CT conquest. Filipe was able to land a 8.00 wave and follow that up with a 7.67 late in the heat. Jordy, who definitely showed up ready to slay, locked in a 9.00 wave late in the heat, but the defending Hurley Pro champ couldn’t edge out a second standout ride, landing Filipe at the top of the podium.

This W will likely bump Filipe up on the WSL leaderboard and lock him in as a world title contender. Congrats, Filipe!