Dec 18, 2017

Another crazy year has disappeared, and 2018 is nearly here! In celebration, we've put together some our favorite moments from the past year. From the depths of the ocean to a proposal in the sky, relive our favorite GoPro moments from this epic journey we call life.

You amaze us, simple as that. Each and every year, GoPro is blown away by what people do with our camera. From the angles and perspectives to the scenery and feats captured, the GoPro content created and shared all over the world reinvigorates and inspires! This is why we do it. 

2017 may be coming to a close, but we are ecstatic to start fresh in the New Year. With new products and services on the horizon to stoke the creativity of our users, we are sure 2018 is the best year yet!

Happy Holidays and cheers to the New Year!