May 3, 2013

GoPro HD HERO Cameras Used to Propel Up and Comers

HALF MOON BAY, CA (July 20, 2011) – Social media and video sharing websites have created new opportunities for people to go beyond their 15 minutes of fame and to ‘go pro’ at what they love. Of course we at GoPro love to see how people are using the HD HERO to achieve this and are stoked to read about these stories in places like ESPN. Two recent ESPN articles look at how freeskier Andrew Whiteford secured himself sponsorships through his tight and clean GoPro edits as well as how snowboard park extraordinaire, Tim Humphreys, landed his sponsors in the article “Self-Made Man.” Along these same lines, Circle Track magazine put the HD HERO on their cover with an accompanying title “Your New PR Agent” – the article is an in depth review of the HD Motorsports HERO and also hits upon how circle track drivers can use the in-car videos to impress potential sponsors.

Check out this ESPN on Andrew Whiteford

Check out Tim Humphreys article.