We like to think GoPros have pretty much been everywhere imaginable at this point—shot to space on a rocket, dipped into liquid nitrogen, tossed in a washing machine, and of course, strapped to extreme athletes travelling from the tops of mountains to the depths of the ocean. But every now and then, some new use case captures our eye and blows our mind all over again.    

This is exactly what happened when fashion photographer Tyler Joe got a hold of the HERO Session. Tyler represents Elle Magazine at fashion weeks around the world, but being one of the newer street style photographers going into 2016, he was looking for a way to stand out.    

“People see the beautiful images that all the magazines put out every season, but you really don’t understand the things we have to go through as street style photographers,” he says of the days he spends in freezing temperatures, shielding thousands of dollars of camera equipment from the rain, and logging well over a marathon’s worth of steps in a matter of days. All with the end goal of capturing a top model enjoying life off the runway, being herself, is totally worth it he says.

Like one time when a handful of photographers watched as a model casually jumped in her car only to remerge again and pose on top of the car for the thrilled crowd rapidly capturing away.

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“When that happens, you have to act accordingly, be in the right place at the right time,” he says. “You can’t control it. It’s about being aware of everything around you and just reacting."

In order to share these fleeting, carefree moments through more than just photos, Tyler needed something that integrated seamlessly with his fixed 85mm Nikon setup. This is when he found the HERO Session—it had a wide angle to be sure to capture everything he was seeing and shot in 1080p60, plenty high enough for sharing across social platforms.

Tyler bought a third-party accessory to mount the Session into his DSLR’s hotshoe, and he found that it didn’t interfere at all. It was so small, he barely even noticed the extra weight. From there, the Quick Start one-button control allowed him to simply press record and forget about it until the chaos settled.    

“I wanted to show the entire chaos of everything juxtaposed with the images next to it,” he explains. “I know it’s a wide angle and that I’d get a lot of information in my frame, but I don’t know exactly what I’ll get. And that’s what’s exciting about it.”    

Tyler ended up capturing a perspective of fashion week that people we’re seeing for the first time ever. The GoPro's wide angle even created a cool effect of seeing his lens in the shot—an added touch he says made the video all the more appealing. From impromptu dance offs to his favorite shot Sarah Harris, the fashion director of Vogue UK, he was able to relive and share every moment in its entirety.

Once the week is over, Tyler’s captured upwards of 7,000 images a day and has several gigs of footage to craft into a behind-the-scenes video.    

“It’s the process that makes it more rewarding. Photos once it’s done, its done. But the video process, I can work on it day and night, when you start editing and putting it together, watching the same thing and watching it over and over to figure out transitions and flow. It’s so much more dynamic.”    

We look forward to seeing what he’s got up his fashionable sleeve with the HERO5.    

All photos in this article are courtesy of Tyler Joe.