Aug 22, 2014

There is no question that if you mount a GoPro and push record, you are going to capture immersive content unlike anything you've snapped before. However, with continued experience and understanding of GoPro camera functionality, the possibilities become endless.

And what better way to learn more about the dynamic modes, functions, and mounting possibilities than by having a trained GoPro Media Team professional shed light on the subject? Next week, GoPro is opening the doors up to the GoPro in-house production team for a mini-series on some advanced shooting techniques, as well as taking to Twitter for a live chat with one of the GoPro video magicians.  

GoPro Field Guide Videos

The GoPro Media team responsible for the amazing productions on the GoPro channels has put together a short 3-part series that delves deeper into more advanced functionality of the GoPro HERO3+ such as Protune, Field of View, and even mounting and framing techniques. This series will live on the official GoPro Tutorials channel on Youtube. If you haven’t perused this channel, we definitely recommend having a look; there are tutorials ranging from software interface to athlete tips and tricks. 

Hopefully this latest mini-series will shine some light on some features and functions that you may not have been familiar with prior, and will help you maximize that little camera in your pack.

Join us on August 27th from 6-7 PM PST for #GoProChat, a live interactive Twitter chat with Team GoPro. In this chat we’ll discuss advanced level shooting settings and modes with GoPro Production Team Member Abe Kislevitz.

You can get a head start on learning advanced level settings by tuning into our GoPro Tutorials Youtube Channel on August 25th when we release the three-part GoPro Field Guide series.


We want to hear your questions!

This is your time to ask GoPro. Submit your questions to us on Twitter by using #GoProChat. We’ll ask a few of your questions and a few of our own during the hour.


Never Done a Twitter Chat?

Alright, here’s how it works. During the hour, @GoPro will be the moderator for the chat. We’ll Tweet questions using #GoProChat to our followers and anyone following along with #GoProChat.

Then we’ll be able to have a live-chat to hear your thoughts, comments, and any other questions. We’re stoked to hear from you guys and learn more about how you rock your GoPro.