Feb 13, 2017

We love catching creative uses of GoPro’s in the wild, and some of the most entertaining iterations we’ve seen have come from Sam and Niko of Corridor Digital. The duo has found a way to fasten GoPro’s to bows and arrows, cannon balls—and, most recently, to the end of a sword to capture it slicing through a watermelon.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to take a sword to a melon in real life—and this video shows the ultimate watermelon decimation. Aside from the exceptionally creative mounting solution, we were impressed with the way they captured the entire setup, filming and production process. The video exposes the trials and errors of testing multiple mount options, because as it turns out, mounting a HERO5 Black to a steel sword is easier said than done. It also proves that capturing a second camera angle can take an edit from good to jaw-dropping.    

“‘GoPro on a Sword!’ was inspired by our love for weaponry and slow motion,” Sam says. “We've been filming with swords and katanas for years and have seen others try their hand at combining cameras and swords, but we felt there was a lot of new territory to be discovered. It did take about a week of trial and error to achieve it, but that was mostly due to watermelon problems.”

For Corridor Digital, capturing, producing and sharing videos like this one is a (fun) full-time job. Take is from Sam, who notes that “having the freedom to experiment and explore new ideas on YouTube is as fun as it looks—we're all filmmakers at heart and love pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Especially if that means slicing up melons.”

We’re pumped the crew at Corridor Digital continues finding cool uses for GoPro’s, and that they’re utilizing the best features of the HERO5 lineup to make these videos pro-level. Check out Sam and Niko’s YouTube channel for more innovative content, and be sure to visit their Patreon page to help them continue creating videos!