Feb 15, 2017

Colten Moore, two-time Snowmobile Freestyle Gold Medalist, was injured during the performance of the double backflip on a snowmobile at Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, this year and he needsd our help.
Colten suffered a dislocated T-12 vertebra, which bruised his spinal cord. Just after the crash, he was flown to Denver and underwent surgery to repair the dislocation. Thankfully, Colten is walking with the help of his care team. However, due to the injuries suffered, there are some complications and he’ll need to go to a rehabilitation center specializing in spinal cord injuries.
Unfortunately, the costs are extremely high. Colten has a great team of rehab specialists waiting for him in back in his hometown in Texas, but before he can go back home, he will need to be admitted into one of the world’s best inpatient rehabilitation centers to insure the best possible outcome. Let's help Colten get the rehab he needs.

All funding raised will go to help cover the enormous, per day cost of the Spinal Cord Rehab, added physical therapy, travel home, and any medical bills that insurance won’t cover. 100% of your donations through Road2Recovery will go towards Colten’s un-covered medical costs and any left over funds would be directed back towards Road2Recovery to help others in need.

You can learn more about Colten Moore and his road to recovery, as well as donate, at Road2Recovery.com