Ever heard of a green flash? That elusive split second after sunset when the conditions are just right and a paper-thin green light strikes across the horizon. That is a green flash, and with the blink of an eye, you could miss it time and time again.

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This phenomenon is almost as fleeting as seeing a professional mountain biker, who trains to master the most technical trails, patiently frame the perfect sunset shot. But freerider Geoff “Gully” Gulevich isn’t you’re a-v-g average guy—whether he’s on or off his bike—so it comes as no surprise that the charasmatic Canadian legend has a soft spot for sunsets. And GoPros.

“When I first started using a GoPro, everything looked so cool. It was almost like a new style of photography and videography,” Gully says of the the first time he picked up a GoPro nearly five years ago. “Just realizing how close you can get to the action and capture it so clearly, it’s a whole new world.”

**Gully's photos were shot on HERO4 Silver

Here is Gully’s Step-by-Step Guide to Snagging an Epic GoPro Sunset Shot

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  1. Find the perfect location. For Gully, it's anywhere from the backcountry of B.C. to the trails in New Zealand.
  2. Set it to Single Photo mode. “This is where the highest quality photos come from in my opinion.”
  3. Swipe left twice on your HERO6 Black and enable HDR photo.
  4. Compose your shot, and hit that shutter button.
  5. Have a HERO5 Black or Session? Turn Protune on; Set White Balance to auto, ISO Limit to 800, and Sharpness to medium (play around with the exposure value (EV) by setting it to -0.5, taking a few, and then, setting it to -1).

“What I’ve learned is its always better to shoot a little bit darker (i.e. -1 EV) because you can still pull out the saturation and everything in the pictures. Whereas if you shoot it in the original mode, there are some blown out spots and you can’t repair them.”

That said, if you have a HERO6, HDR photo mode has you covered. It will expose for background and foreground, and bring out the vibrant colors in both. 

Check out more of Gully’s GoPro greats on his Instagram.