May 4, 2018

Ronnie Renner is to the dunes as Martin Daly is to the Mentawais. Plenty of other haves explored, but Renner knows them even before he’s put a paddle tire to sand. He is also the original GoPro athlete, and he’s been part of more GoPro productions than almost anyone. He represents the double helix of our brand, and no launch reel would be the same without him.

Some of the most memorable shots from the HERO6 campaign feature Renner, and it was his shoot out in the arid Mojave Desert that really illustrated the cinematic high frame rates of the HERO6 camera. Go behind the scenes with us, and see how these shots came together, and be reminded just how good Ronnie Renner is on a Moto.

Equipment to Get the Shot
Karma Grip + El Grande
Karma drone