Jul 14, 2013

The GoPro HERO3, again, helps blaze a trail into a new realm of creativity with the launch of Beck’s Hello, Again project.

Automaker Lincoln and its agency HudsonRouge, along with production from @radical.media, have conceived a yearlong project called Hello, Again, which celebrates classic art, fashion, film, and music through the conduit of contemporary artists and cultural icons.

The first collaboration has come to fruition in the form of an interactive concert of Beck performing a reworked version of David Bowie’s “Sounds and Vision” while director Chris Milk composes an enormous orchestra that surrounds the stage completely for a unique sound experience that he has ultimately replicated online for a digital audience. Milk sought to transform the traditional “wall of sound” experienced by a typical live audience into a 360-degree capsule that engulfed the listener.

In addition to the unique auditory experience, the online viewer has the unprecedented ability to interact with the view and perspective of the visuals through facial recognition of the viewer’s web camera. Utilizing a custom rig made up of 6 GoPro HERO3 cameras, Milk and company have successfully presented a parallel 360-degree organic experience customizable to the whim of the online audience. Essentially, if the viewer looks up, so does the view on screen; if the viewer looks left, they shall see what’s to the left, and so on. As well, the viewer has the ability to manually change the angle and perspective with their mouse.

Experience HELLO, AGAIN

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