May 25, 2018

Back in October, GoPro joined content partner BANDALOOP for its deput performance Budapest; a dance, to be sure, with no floor. BANDALOOP combines dynamic physicality, intricate choreography and climbing technology to literally turn the dance floor on its side. 

From the jump-off, GoPro associate creative director Daniel Sherer set a goal of creating an edit that itself felt like a performance. He made the decision early to step away from some traditional storytelling tools like interviews, and to let the content and performance own the voice and unfold organically, while at the same time, remaining simply "fun to watch, different, and most importantly, beautiful." 

With a kit of HERO6s, GoPro Fusions and even some HERO5 Sessions, Sherer and his team exploited the individual capabilities of each camera to capture the incredible performances. HERO6's low-light sensitivity helped shape the mood, while Session provided a lightweight solution for dancer integration. Fusion, then could provide the dynamic perspectives to duly capture the dynamic choreography of the dancers. 

Being invited into such a tight and protective family was an honor for the GoPro team, and after a couple days earning the trust of the group, the crew focused on navigating the nuances of the performances and the technical challenges and limitations that would arise in the moment. Working with the dancers, paying attention to where cameras could be mounted safely, effectively, and as close as possible at the same time proved to be a challenging balance; albeit nowhere near that of the dancers’ actual performances.  

The end result? An intimate portrayal of a BANDALOOP's mind-bending performance in a beautiful city; a mix of theatrical and verité perspectives that gives us a taste of what a BANDALOOP Performance is like from rehearsal to show time. Check it out above.

Learn more: | @bandalooping

Special thanks to:
BANDALOOP dancers, riggers, leadership
Cafe Budapest
Kalvin Tér
US Artists International
American Dance Abroad
Thomas Cavanagh