Jan 2, 2017

A quick scan of Edgar Bullon’s digital profile, and you may call him a thrill seeker. And while that isn’t a false statement, it isn’t entirely accurate. More so, Edgar is an experience seeker and wanderlust. Exploring the environment around him and seeking out new adventures to widen his perspective, Edgar brings his camera along to capture the moments. From snowboarding and skydiving to motorcycles and airplanes, Edgar's adventures span the spectrums of terrain and discipline. 

A draftsman by trade, Edgar loves to capture Aerial, Landscape and Underwater photography with his GoPro in his personal time. "I’m working towards becoming a professional adventure photographer. My goal is to adventure and explore the world and be on the road most of the time!” says Bullon.

Already multi-time GoPro Award recipient (as you can guess from his stunning wing-mounted shotsabove), Edgar continues to share amazing GoPro content on his blog, Facebook and Instagram profiles from his home in British Columbia. Whether it is high above the earth or deep down in the water, Edgar illustrates a creative composition time and time again with his GoPro.

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