Nov 27, 2018

We regularly see amazing content come through the GoPro Awards portal, and some videos even achieve a level of hair-raising greatness. The latter is the case with for the latest GoPro recepient, Pablo Solana and his band The Taxi Talk. Wingsuits, views and singer/songwriter vibes—need we say more? You can check out the video above, and learn a bit more about the vision from Pablo below.

Pablo Solana: The Taxi Talk had just returned from a tour, and we were thinking about what to do next. It was clear to us that we wanted something different.

At this point we started working with our creative partner, Titan Pozo, who came up with this crazy but wonderful idea. Since all of us were GoPro users already, the decision to do something with Fusion came naturally, so we started thinking of what we could create with a spherical camera.

Then came the trials: We had to have the sound right, the filming at the right rate, the timing exactly in place, the ballerina-like motions that should go with the song. When things started to look good, we flew to Wallendstadt (the perfect spot in Switzerland) and went for it. The weather window was what it was, so we only had a few days to go (pro) for the real thing. Nothing seemed to go well at the beginning. But on the last day, last jump, the flow just came in. And BANG.