Jul 24, 2017

It's Shark Week! And we are kicking it off with our favorite shark specialist, Andy Casagrande. He has been a mainstay on Discovery Channel's Shark Week for years, and he also happens to be a GoPro expert, in addition to posessing a wealth of shark knowledge. 
This weekend, Andy took over the official GoPro Instagram account and provided some killer commentary to go along with some "killer" content. Check it out below.

[photo above]  What's up everybody I'm wildlife cameraman + shark addict Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, and I'm taking over @GoPro's Instagram to kick off @SharkWeek 2017! I’ve dedicated my life to inspiring people to care about sharks through science and cinema. It's important to realize how hyper critical sharks are to the health and balance of our planet’s fragile ecosystems. The species could tragically be the most majestic but misunderstood animal of all time! Many people think that our oceans are dangerous and shark infested, but sharks don’t infest our oceans, they simply live there; it’s their home! Only through global research and education will we find ways to peacefully coexist and save the keystone species.

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WOW!!! This video is so intense; it looks like this White Shark was in full attack mode! Although it’s a bit sketchy/scary, what I love about this unbelievable moment is that it serves as video-data-proof that sharks and humans can and do coexist! If you watch the video frame-by-frame, you’ll see that the shark makes three close passes by the free diver, all in murky green water. Amazingly, in all three instances, the shark never opens its mouth or engages its teeth. Sharks are actually a lot smarter and polite than most people think! I have to also give credit to the free-diver for holding his ground and never shooting his spear gun at the shark. If you watch the video a final time without the diver's screams, it’s actually quite amazing to analyze this entire sequence! Sharks are not malicious creatures; they are simply sharks, trying to survive on this hostile planet. They might look a bit scary, but you would too if you had to hunt, stalk and kill every meal you ate. In the end, if you're really that freaked out by sharks, just stick to wearing speedos and hanging at the swimming pools and you'll be just fine!

Meet Emma, the most famous Tiger Shark in the #Caribbean! She hails from the waters of Tiger Beach, Bahamas and is an international icon in the world of sharks! I’ve been lucky enough to know her for over 10 years and am happy to report that I dove with her last week and she’s looking amazing!!! I'm signing out for the day, but if you want to learn more about how you can help save sharks, check out @saveourseasfoundation.


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