May 5, 2017

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If you haven't already, you need to swoop up the latest issue of TransWorld SKATEboarding, graced by none other than Andrew Brophy, GoPro athlete and alternate king of pop. In his pro spotlight, Brophy talks about everything from the Cliché days, clean living, tre-flipping the regulation picnic table, and joining Girl.

Alongside his spotlight, Brophy helped TWS present its reader with a few of his favorite things, including of course his favorite camera!

Brophy joined the GoPro team in 2016, and his brainchild helped spawn arguably one of GoPro's best episodic series: Road Trip New Zealand (if you havent see it, stop everything and binge. And if you have, maybe it's time for a revisit). 

The Aussie put his name on the map back in 2006 during his time in London skating for the Cliché
 team. Over a decade later, Brophy is still skating at the top of his game for the infamous Girl team, running Wayward Wheels with his friend and fellow skater Benny Fairfax, chasing his three kids around.

Content Floater

Brophy's issue domination didn't stop at features, either. He is also featured in the GoPro ad, doing what he does best.



Check out the full spotlight and the rest of the banger content in the May/June issue of TransWorld SKATEbaording, and keep it locked on Brophy's Instagram for rad GoPro content.