Aug 22, 2017

Just about everyone in the United States jumped on board to somehow witness the Great American Solar Eclipse, but thanks to Alaska Airlines, a lucky few got to actually board an airplane to get the ultimate viewing. 

On August 21st, a special Alaska Airlines charter flight took off from Portland International Airport, allowing guests on board to be among the first to witness the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the United States since 1918. Alaska Airlines pilot Brian Holm worked directly with eclipse chasers to chart the flight path to ensure the most spectacular views possible for the longest amount of time. The special charter flight flew off the coast of Oregon, providing flight guests some of the first and best views of the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse.  

In addition to capturing the actual eclipse, the folks on board captured their experience aboard the plane with GoPro cameras. 

The passenger list was a who's-who of eclipse experts, including astronauts, astrophysics and atmospheric professors, astronomers and planetarium lecturers. So, while they were among the lucky few, they were also the qualified few...

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