Feb 3, 2018

Brazilian actor and model Caio Castro is embarking on the ultimate road trip to the 2018 World Cup in Russia…from Brazil. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s driving from Brazil to Russia. To watch some football. At roughly 30,000 kilometers–or 18,500 miles–the trip will pass through at least 16 countries.  

Caio and two friends–artist JP Passos and filmmaker Matheus Coutinho–are taking their custom motorhome through Brazilian cities, then on to Portugal, Africa, Western Sahara, Morocco and more.

Along the way, Caio and crew will be creating content from the road with their GoPro equipment and sharing across social channels and their devoted Web site www.expedicaonomads.com.br

On Monday, January 29th, Caio, JP and Matheus hosted a press conference at the Kartódromo Granja Viana introducing their NOMADS expedition, then set off on their journey.